AquaNews is an innovation by Water Quality Advocacy Center and formally registered with the Ghana Media Commission (ISSN 2026-5069). It has a team of committed journalists and water quality experts.

One of the major health challenges facing us today is access to adequate supplies of quality water and that the provision of up-to-date information is an exciting enterprise to address the knowledge deficit and inspire appropriate water quality behaviour change among the public for improved health.

Our business is to provide a professional service to keep the public, industry players, policy makers, and others informed on water conditions, health, technology and the water industry.

What makes us unique is that we are industry specific, the first and only newspaper in Ghana that seeks to provide a one-stop-shop for sanitation and water quality news to the general public. Our bouquet of services includes industry research, public education and training, advisory services and stakeholder networking. We provide these high quality services at competitive offers and the positive feedback we continue to receive for our innovation is something that we can be proud of.

Having done analysis of the past, the present and the future conditions of water quality in Ghana  AquaNews is well-positioned to promote theory and practice related resources to support the efforts of government, policy makers, institutions (public/private/non-governmental) and the general public.